Cherry Massia reinterprets the urban luxury codes by combining them with trash aesthetics and strong conceptual meanings. The brand develops its own vision of fashion, empowering individuality and exploring several social and vital considerations.


Our brand was founded in 2018 by Seville based designer Irene R. Massia. Our two collections ‘The Rise’ and ‘The Fall’ were selected for Samsung EGO at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. We have also appeared in media such as Vogue, Elle, Neo2 Magazine, Woman, Chapelle Magazine, Vanidad, and S Moda, among others. 


We make clothes which shape a dialogue between our feelings and the world around us, collections that narrate a story which takes part in each of us. We conceive fashion as a means to express everything we enclose within us: our beliefs, our conflicts and our dreams. Clothing is nothing else than a support which reaffirms who we are.


We design unique and exclusive pieces; additionally, our production volume is limited so as not to contribute to the unnecessary massification characteristic of the current fashion industry. Furthermore, we do not use animal materials.


Strong, daring, confident. Cherry Massia offers a discourse between fashion and philosophy. Always evolving, we are truly interested in capturing human emotions and in understanding and researching, as a means of catharsis, how clothing can help us to overcome our inner plights and to get every single positive trait out of ourselves to show it to the world. We wish to emphasize that a change of direction of the established ideal of woman ought to be imminent. There’s no beauty without strength, there’s no light without darkness, there’s no aesthetics without concept. 

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